Social media is a lot more enjoyable when you don't concern yourself with follower numbers and stuff. Just post things and interact with others and you'll slowly build your circle of friends. ​vlpn_happy​ especially fedi cuz like it's so pointless lol, if you have 29384 followers but only 3 interact with u

@Uwu why aren't your 100 followers interacting with your every post Every time I switched to another instance I lost about 1/4th of my followers because their accounts or entire instances were just dead. ​blobfoxlul​

@kayden i don't know? this wasn't my point lol dnfjgfh

@kayden my point is that the 3 people that interact with you are the ones who matter aandfj cuz fedi is way better for interacting with people and making friends than TWITTER

@Uwu it isss people actually say gm to me

@kayden adfjngfh YES twitter is so like centered around who is more popular, and you just remain in the shade, here there is "human" interaction amndfg πŸ€” You are right really. I feel very comfy here. You start out somewhere small and find a neat place to stay, discuss stuff, without landing in toxic hell-hole like for example twitter does.

The lack of an algorythm on fedi really helps with not spreading hate and other nasty stuff very far. You don't to set everything up on fedi to be "engaging" like other social media does. It is about the people and what they do around here. I really learned to like that side of social media.

Just a way better experience around here for people.

@volpeon Honestly we never really got the hype about follower numbers.

Then again, we were also never on Twitter. Maybe it does something for The Algorithmβ„’ to have a high follower count.

@volpeon surrounding yourself with all the fluffy foxes your heart desires helps as well blobfoxfloof