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Just another identical name

make :blobfoxcatsnuggle: not war


@stux @freeplay blobcatuguu im blobfoxfake but since i do host i also had to host blobcatrainbow

@stux @freeplay blobcataww a wild blobfox

@athepony oh, you found an alt blobcatsnuggle

@ente von gehts auch nicht?

@NelomRetaw blobcatsnuggle had the same thing last monday

@athepony followed you on my main @Jain will post from there again comfyaww


@critical uh oh, which service center? I have only had bad experiences, usually they install a new windows on the laptop... Do you mean the local shop for data recovery?

If so, i think you shouldnt give them the header and the password. Based on our knowledge now they just have to open up your laptop, get the ssd out of there and cool down the ssd while extracting the data... Just tell them that its encrypted and that they should make an image out of it or mirror the data on a different one, that should actually not be a problem

Thats actually something you can do too with your other computer and if you can open up your laptop.


@critical so the next step would be to get your data with a different computer or with your laptop (depends on how your laptop is broken/cooling system is fucked/how good you can open up your laptop)


@critical looks like just some cooling system of your laptop is broken

@critical nice one and now you should keep your laptop turned off

@critical but i recommend that you speak with them about your broken ssd, since i never had to recover something from a broken device. just tell them everything you told me... just make sure you know what they want to do and that they know how your system looks like, before you give them the ssd, otherwise they probably think that there is just broken data on it.

@critical well beside of your backup key, the chances are good that the ssd chips arent broken, and even if some of them are, it would just be a problem if the chip with the header on it is broken.

@critical lets hope its a compressed luks header