Roxanne 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈 blobfoxcheck |

Loves foxes and therefore :blobfox:

Enjoyer of floof

Sometimes a bit moody

I like coding in many languages, maintain infrastructure and participate in capitalism as a sysadmin

turns out i can either think about answers carefully and reason well or write some bullshit without thinking within the time limit. sadly this exam required both and some 100wpm typing speed blobfoxsad


Two red foxes screaming

got my first exam for this semester tomorrow blobfoxnerd

200 pages printed later... blobfoxdeadinside

anybody else miss clippy? there is just the thing for you: blobfoxgoogly


foxxo sitting down, yelling scary looking foxxo walking on the snow but still very cute close up of a foxxo's face foxxo curled up

fluffy foxxo sleeping with its head and paw on its fluffy tail foxxo get pets foxxo kit laying down foxxo curled up




calm foxxo laying down happy foxxo, it has a flower crown foxxo running on the beach lazy foxxo that barely got out of bed

@slylittlefox gn have fox


muffled suya.. noises drgn_flat_sleep


i like snow because it reduces the noise pollution from the streets blobfox_w_

OH: "Heißkleber ist so das Windows unter den Verbindungselementen, irgendwie benutzt das jeder für alles aber für nichts taugt es so wirklich"

just received word that one of the exams this semester will be an online exam - open book. only caveat: all materials need to be printed out first blobfoxdisapprove

HER: Treat me like a queen.

ME: Okay, but I don't have a guillotine.

one advantage of shopping out in the boonies is that hummus and mate are both 50% off

19:42 Bagger extrem nah an Arbeitern und Polizei. Strategie von RWE; Aktivistisch nutzbare Fläche schnell wegbaggern.

eduroam wifi that does site blocking and for some reason blocks the website of the faculty itself blobfoxfacepalm

You walk away from the christmas tree for 5 minutes and this happens…

Pretty empty Christmas Tree with 2 tiny blue Blåhajar and one pink one hanging in it. A big one is on the bottom looking up at them

BREAKING: Foxes are nocturnal animals, meaning they sleep during the day.

It may also be partially why we are currently awake during the middle of the night, being unable to sleep.

Fox sleeping with its head resting on its tail