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So you expect me to think it’s run by the super poor or something?

You get bread! blobbread blobbread You get bread! ❤️❤️blobbread ❤️❤️ EVERYNYAN GETS BREAD!

@thor Internet access changed everything. The radio and local record store were replaced with Napster. With access to a much wider selection, I found new things I liked more.

comfymusic Rock CDs replaced with weeb shit mp3s.

what's more common?

you're 30+ and you listen to...

The idiot at work keeps asking me questions, I should leave early.

Make random code change, ask me what it means. It doesn't mean anything, you're accessing invalid memory!

blobfoxnomcat It's a blob-eat-blob world out there.

the fact that this comes from a real patent is just bizzare

A screenshot from a patent filed by Sony, where the viewer has to shout a certain word to end a commercial.

The best thing coming out of this mess of #wotc messing up D&D is not paizo's new license (that's #2), or all the new systems developers are finally stepping up and doing (#3-x). It's how many more #ttrpg community members are finding each other.

nezukorun blobcat 🚀 gyate_tewi_run

I actually laughed

caption with really poorly done Female Height comparison by country: As an Indian woman, I can confirm that too much of my time is spent hiding behind a rock praying the terrifying gang of international giant ladies and their Latvian general don't find me

Basically, whoever did the infographic has NO IDEA about scale. caption with really poorly done Male Height comparison by country: Did you know that the average Indonesian male is only as large as a Dutchman’s leg?

Basically, whoever did the infographic has NO IDEA about scale.

"I think children should be allowed to explore caves freely" — Bear

a rare one that's actually given you permission to dance on his grave.

fox girl topology